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  • Yambo release 5.1

    Yambo release 5.1

    The YAMBO developers team is proud to present the new release: Yambo v5.1. This release includes many new capabilities that were made possible by the support of the MaX project. With version 5.1 the testing and the stabilisation were finalized, the code structure and modularization were further refined and the performance and memory footprint was […]

  • Yambo goes fully GPL

    Yambo goes fully GPL

    Yambo 5.0 is a major release that comes with many new features and changes in the code. This becomes immediately evident browsing the yambo github repository. So far the GPL repository was a container of the released code extracted from the development repository. Since 2021 and yambo 5.0 the GPL and devel repository are fully […]

  • Yambo 4.4.0 Release

    Yambo 4.4.0 Release

    The Yambo team is proud to announce the release of Yambo 4.4.0. New features include: The complete release notes can be found here.