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Keep it clean

The first draft was here: but since no-one is working on the many pages, I think its better just to have working links on the current Main page - for the Y2017, this will be Tutorials and Download/Install Conor


First draft inserted - feel free to make changes. Conor (talk)

I would put the content of the about on top of the page (in the link you suggest it would correspond to the welcome frame for example) rather than linking to other pages. At the end of the short about text I will have some meet the developer. I agree on the model page Myrta

Publications, Highlights

My idea was to have a semi-static page showing selected publications on different themes, rather than a huge list of all publications. The latter can still be done and maintained e.g. via the google scholar page in some way. A highlights page instead would have groups of publications broken down into themes, like Key GW papers, Molecules, 2D, exciton distribution, high impact, etc etc. So selected papers that a new user might actually download and read. Conor (talk) 20:08, 14 January 2016 (CET)

MG: OK, agree with that! I thought were highlights of latest fancy publications. Those can be done in the news


In the original mindmap there were no Lectures. Probably I thought that my original idea was to split the lectures in spectroscopy and fundamental theory... Maybe you can put just Lectures then Myrta

Ah - for "Lectures" I referred to the page [1], which should go somewhere. Any other restructuring of the yambo docs is fine, go with what you think! Conor (talk)

Dev corner

Will it be accessible just by us?

Ummm....I think it will be open to the public. Private stuff can go in the usual Group space. Or better: when I understand how to restrict some pages, I'll make a more informed answer. Conor (talk) 00:57, 13 January 2016 (CET)