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Get in touch with Yambo on git (optional)

The Yambo source is hosted on the Git-Hub hosting service.
Full access to the git repository or tar-balls are available. No registration or password is required.
However We warmly invite all Yambo users to register on Github and, after that:

  • if you like the project, go to the Yambo repository and push the star button.
  • if you would like to receive updates push the watch button.
  • if you wish, send your github username to the yambo email address and we will add you to the Users group of the yambo project.

Also if you need any further help regarding the access to the Yambo download page please send us an e-mail. email: yambo at DOMAIN.

Direct download (for impatient)

Tar-balls are available on the github download page:

Please choose your preferred release.

Getting the latest snapshot with git

To obtain the latest source you need to have git installed. Git is a version control system for tracking changes in computer files and coordinating work on those files among multiple people. It is primarily used for software development.

To obtain the last GPL source, you simply need to do:

  git clone yambo

Please notice that doing so you will download the whole yambo repository, thus included all previous releases. To see the list of releases just do

  cd yambo
  git branch -a

and you will see (the outcome will depend on which is the latest stable release)

* master

if you want to switch to a specific version, i.e 4.1 do

  git checkout 4.1

to switch to a specific version (X.Y) among the ones listed after the command "git branch -a" (X.Y=4.1 in the example). For production we suggest to always checkout a specific branch and not to stay in the master which maybe less stable. The branch corresponding to the version X.Y is always kept at the last patch-level. However if you need to checkout a specific patch-level you can do

  git tag
  git checkout 4.1.2

to switch to a specific release (X.Y.Z) among the ones listed after the command "git tag" (X.Y.Z=4.1.2 in the example).

Getting the latest snapshot with subversion (obsolete)

If you are more familiar with subversion you can also download the whole repository in svn form. Github offers the feature to automatically convert the git repo during the download. However remember that the repository in svn like form will be much bigger (~300 MB) that in git form (16 MB). Thus it is better to directly specify which branch you would like to download in that case:

svn checkout yambo-4.1


svn checkout yambo-4.1.2

Getting a dedicated branch inside the gpl repository (experimental)

Yambo is a GPL code mantained by a small team of researchers. If you would like to help us coding new features or simply you would like to modify the code for your needs, we advise to follow the online tutorial Developing yambo. Together with this tutorial we can also give you write permission inside the GPL repository. Thus, in case you are interested, please contact the yambo team and we will be glad to set up a specific branch for your needs.