Papers describing the Yambo implementations:


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A short list of highly-cited, high-impact or just intereseting publications that used Yambo:


A monolayer transisition-metal dichalcogenides as a topological excitonic insulator
D. Varsano, M. Palummo, E. Molinari and M. Rontani
Nature Nanotechnology (2020) 

Carbon Nanotubes as excitonic insulators
D. Varsano, S. Sorella, D. Sangalli, M. Barborini, S. Corni , E. Molinari and M. Rontani
Nature Communications,  8 1461, (2017) 

Exciton radiative lifetimes in two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides 
M. Palummo, M. Bernardi, and J. C. Grossman
Nano Lett. 15, 2794 (2015) 

Bright electroluminescence from single graphene nanoribbon junctions
M. C. Chong, N. Afshar-Imani, F. Scheurer, C. Cardoso, A. Ferretti, D. Prezzi, G. Schull
Nano Lett. 18, 175 (2018) 

Exciton dominated optical response of ultra-narrow graphene nanoribbons
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Nature Communications 5, 4253 (2014) 

2D Materials:

From graphene to X-enes, TMD and 2D perovskites, Yambo has seen them all!


Effect of spin-orbit interaction on the optical spectra of single-layer, double-layer, and bulk MoS2
A. Molina-Sánchez, D. Sangalli, K. Hummer, A. Marini, and L. Wirtz
Phys. Rev. B 88, 045412 (2013)

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Phys. Rev. B 97, 195407 (2018)



Optical properties of Lead-Free Double Perovskites by ab-initio excited-state methods 
M. Palummo, E. Berrios, D. Varsano, G. Giorgi
ACS Energy Letters 5, 457 (2020)

Steric engineering of metal-halide perovskites with tunable optical band gaps
M. R. Filip, G. E. Eperon, H. J. Snaith, F. Giustino
Nature Communications 5, 5757 (2014)