problems with KSS from Abinit 5.7

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problems with KSS from Abinit 5.7

Post by myrta gruning » Tue Apr 28, 2009 12:25 pm

rsaniz wrote: [...] but now I have a problem with a2y. When running a2y with the new KSS file, yambo stops right away with the mssage

<---> [01] A(binit) 2 Y(ambo)
<---> Checking input file ...cassiteritexo_DS1_KSS
<---> DBs path set to :.
<---> KSS Header...At line 136 of file hdr_io.f90
Fortran runtime error: Inappropriate ioctl for device

Could this be related to the fact that I am now using a more recent version of Abinit (5.7.2)?

Thanks for your time!

Dear Rolando,

I could not reproduce the problem, even not with an older revision of Yambo. If you still meet this error please try to give as many details may help us to trace the problem, e.g. specify the Yambo revision and the compiler you used. Thanks!
Dr Myrta Grüning
School of Mathematics and Physics
Queen's University Belfast - Northern Ireland

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