Can SHG with yambo_nl work on one-dimension nano structure?

Questions and doubts about features of non linear optic in Yambo (yamb_nl)

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Can SHG with yambo_nl work on one-dimension nano structure?

Post by AmberLee123 » Wed Mar 13, 2024 3:36 am


I am trying to apply SHG calculation on one-dimensional nanostructure, but I have not found any literature on that.

For linear optical calculation on one-dimension nanostructure with YAMBO, I found publications about single-wall BN nanotubes(, SiC carbon nanotubes ( and graphene nanoribbon on earlier publication(

I guess the procedure should be the same as a two-dimensional material, like h-BN or MoS2 monolayer. But I need to change the dimension, like the vacuum volume cutoff. Also more vacuum volume might add to the requirements of memory and calculation error.

Has anyone tried that? I appreciate any guidance and tutorial on that!
Dr. Guoyu Yang
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Re: Can SHG with yambo_nl work on one-dimension nano structure?

Post by claudio » Wed Mar 13, 2024 2:47 pm

Dear Dr. Guoyu Yang

yes the procedure is the same of 3D materials.
The only difference is that at the end of calculation you have to rescale X2 for the effective dimension of your systems,
see the discussion here: ... :_2D_or_1D

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